Multi-Channel Business Network

Being viewed as a Thought Leader and Industry Expert is important to people searching for people like you.


47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content from a company before engaging them.

Thought Leadership is one of your brand’s most valuable assets. It is critical for B2B Companies and is often the differentiating factor in establishing new business relationships.



Meet Cape & Plymouth Business

The South Shore’s only business focused Magazine and Media Company. A largely popular Monthly Magazine, News Website, and Weekly Newsletter.  Appearing in our business network sends a very clear and loud signal you mean business.


Let’s Put the Pieces Together

  1. We are committed to offering our partners a wide variety of ways to build credibility and help them grow their business.
  2. Much of the success of your business will rely on credibility and the relationships you create.
  3. Getting found in search and publishing your own Social Posts is GREAT. Appearing in a reputable Business Network is the game changer.
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