Google SEO Services

Google share of the search engine on desktop is 81.75% as of January 2024 according to Statista. As we can see overwhelming amount of searches performed on Google with whooping 2 trillion global searches per year! This is why our SEO agency focused on Google SEO – there huge benefit to be showing up high in the search. We are full service agency, providing full range of Digital and Traditional Marketing services that complement our SEO work. We carefully plan our strategy and help build what we call the Marketing EcoSystem to help you get the best results.

Keyword Research

We will start with the keyword research and this will help us to develop marketing strategy and set focus. Keyword research also will help us with content creation, as your website’s content needs to contain enough keywords. Our SEO based on data and analysis

Off-Page SEO

This is SEO that done off the website, as the name suggest. Off-Page SEO includes backlinking, citations, reviews and such. You can read our blog about some of the strategies used, such as backlinking.

On Page SEO

On page SEO refers to changes made to the website itself, such as content updates and structure, CTA, tags, heading and structure – overall, all that can be done to the page. H1 tags are also very important for website performance, as they tell Google what page is all about, along with guiding users through the page. Hierarchy is important too both for users and google bots alike. Screen optimizations also influences how page will look across different screen sizes. Google updates its algorithms regullary and with our SEO services you don’t have to worry about keeping up with it.

Press Release Distribution

As a part of our services we’re offering Press Release Distribution to our clients. Press releases are great way for local businesses to develop and improve brand reputation. And since we are full service marketing agency, we have a lot of resources for that.

Technical SEO

We will optimize your website’s performance and assist server in crawling and indexing your site effectively. Technical SEO focuses on error fixing, website speed enchantments, security, URL structure and more.

SEO Reporting

We can report for you, as a part of a SEO package or just a-la carte. We will explain how your website is performing and what can be done, all derived from numbers and graph you may not understand or have time for. Reports can be made in form of the video with a walk-thru all the major analytical tools that we use or good old document.

Website Content Writing

Content is a backbone of SEO, and with so many Google Algorithms updates it all seems to lean towards content helpfulness, uniqueness and trustworthiness. Content creation is not an easy task, as research must be done to determine focus keywords.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a bit different, as it includes a lot of local signals, geographic restrictions and localized content. Local SEO must include GMB profile. You want to put your business on a map when someone’s looking.

Website Conversion Optimization Services

Or CRO; maybe you have a lot of website visits and you’re at the top of the page for many keywords and all of your number fall within industry benchmarks, but you have no customers? This is very intricate process of figuring out the reasons preventing your customers from converting. CRO includes a lot of testing, optimizations, analysis and enhancements.

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