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Meet your team leader: Dale Shadbegian, CEO of Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine, 25+ year Marketing Veteran, and SEO Specialist. After earning a B.S. in Information Systems from Fitchburg State College in 1999, Dale dedicated his career to being an entrepreneur, and helping businesses with Digital Marketing.

Expert Team of Marketing Writers, Graphic Designers, and Social Strategists

Hiring Cape & Plymouth SEO Services means you’re hiring an entire team of agency qualified talent with local pricing. Our seasoned team will work hard to help reach your goals.

Cathy Flynn
GMB & Local Expert

Cara Cipullo
Marketing & Social Strategist Expert

Carol Dumas
Content Writing & Editor

Jennifer Messinis
Web Design Consultant

Waqar Ahmad Khan
Lead Web Engineer

Manx Taiki Magyar is the trusted Video Production Expert for Cape Plymouth Business SEO

Taiki Magyar
Video Production Consultant

Sunil Kumar
Web Design Consultant

We’ve learned in the past 25 years that much of the success of your business will rely on credibility and the relationships you create. Partnering with us gives your organization massive credibility and tells the community you care about their business.

We offer highly customized local seo, content marketing, and à la carte Digital Marketing Services to give your organization the perfect 1-2 Marketing Punch!