Is Scraped Content an AdSense Violation?

Scrapped content is not any different from copy or duplicate content. It is more like failing to come up with original content. If you have copied or duplicate content, it is highly likely that your content, be it images, writings, or articles, is borrowed from something already existent on the internet. You are not the legitimate owner. You end up republishing the content into your platform as if it were yours without getting consent from the original owner.

Most bloggers understand this is wrong and try not to do it no matter what. However, you will never lack people who are always looking for shortcuts, and that’s where the production of scraped content comes in. Remember, the internet carries a lot of content. Whatever niche and topic, you will find content already published. People try to be clever about it by using intelligent technologies or other techniques to produce content.

Copying content from existing sources is nothing new. Since many bloggers are trying to be more thoughtful about it, they try to make more minor changes, which is how scrapped content comes about. Producing scraped content can also be done through the following techniques:

Finding a way to spin the content

Artificial intelligence is making everything more accessible and when it comes to content production is not any different. Some mechanisms can create unique content even when it has been copied from somewhere. If you search for plagiarism, it won’t appear as it has been lifted elsewhere. Most bloggers are using this technique, but it counts as scrapped content. While plagiarism tools may not pick it up, search engines have an advanced AI to identify scrapped content.

Changing phrases

Sometimes relying on machine technology is not so compelling, so bloggers switch to putting a little bit more effort. After coping from a particular source, they change some phrases and words, then more minor changes to sentences to make it look like it is their content, but it also counts as scrapped content. Changing the phrases might make the content look unique, but it is still the same content already on the internet. A few modifications don’t change much.

Scrapped content and violation of AdSense policy

Scraped content is the last thing you want for your website. It violates AdSense’s guidelines. When you write any content, you send it to the AdSense team and wait for the approval. If it’s scrapped or appears to be copied from existing content, you won’t get approved. Anything that seems scrapped cannot pass through the AdSense forum without getting flagged.

If you want your content to get approved, it should not violate AdSense policies, and the best way to do that is to ensure all your content is unique and valuable. It shouldn’t be lifted from the internet and modified. Also, remember AdSense only shows ads if your content is unique and original. Copying from elsewhere leads to the attraction of copyright laws. The worst case is that violating corporate policies may lead to the permanent closure of your account. It is the leading reason why many people lose their AdSense accounts.

Organic Search and the “Pure Spam” flag

In addition to scraped or duplicate content being an AdSense violation, it can harm your organic search ranking, or even make you site disappear from Google completely – ESPECIALLY spun content. Avoid this at all risk, as a site marked Pure Spam can take a ton of manual work to fix.

How to create original content for your website

If you search for any niche or topic, you will find many resources from the internet, and seeking inspiration from them is not a bad thing. It is acceptable, and if you decide to create your content using another source, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you choose to do this, you may consider crediting the original platform or author. It is a decent approach that is considered fair since you admit to taking the concept from someone else and using it as a source. However, whatever you do, present your work in your style.

Scraped content hurts Google AdSense and site search ranking. Ensure you always go for unique and authentic content.