What is Google My Business Insights?

Google My Business Insights is something that you might want to know more about if you are interested in growing your business with local seo and marketing it online.

The purpose of this tool is to give you an Insider’s look at how other people are going to find your business listing online. Many customers will use Google search and maps to find businesses, and insights are going to focus on how customers use these tools to find your listing. It also tells you a little bit about what they are going to do once they find it. You can use this tool for individual listings or you can use it in bulk if you prefer.

How Google My Business Insights Works

Insights provides you with data that will include searches, views, and actions from both Google ads and organic search results. It will give you a variety of ways to understand how potential customers are interacting with your listing.

There are different types of searches that can allow customers to find your business profile. In a direct search, the customer directly searched for your business’s name or address. With a discovery search, the customer searched for a product, service, or category that is offered by your business, and your listing showed up. A branded search involves a search for a brand or a brand that is somehow linked to your business. This is only going to appear if your listing has shown up at least once for a previous branded search.

Insights can also show you how many customers have found you via Google Maps or Google search. You will see the number of views that your listing has received through each of these specific services, along with the total from both Google Maps and Google search. In fact, you can view details and how many customers were able to find your profile on a specific product in a day just by putting your cursor over the day on a desktop or tapping on the day on a mobile device.

In addition to all of the above, you can see how customers actually behaved after they have looked at your listing on Google. You can see exactly what they did after viewing your listing. You will be able to see whether they visited your website, requested directions to your business, or called you after looking at your listing. You will also be able to see the numbers of these occurrences on any specific day.

Additionally, you will be able to see where customers are located whenever they request directions to your business location. You will see these as pins on Google Maps that you can zoom in and out of. You will also be able to see phone calls, meaning how often customers called your business using your listing and when exactly it happened. You can also view trends of customer phone calls based on the time of the day and the day of the week.

You can also see how many photos are associated with your listing and how often people are viewing them compared to similar business listings. You will also see customers’ opinions of your business and exactly what it is known for based on their experiences.


Google My Business Insights can be very helpful in order to see how customers are viewing and interacting with your business listing. It’s a good way to see just how well you are reaching them.