Why doesn’t my business show on google?

It can be extremely frustrating when your business doesn’t show up on Google. After all, Google is one of the best ways to market your business nowadays. Many people rely on it in order to drive traffic to their websites and get the business they need to make a profit.

There are many reasons why your business may not appear on Google, even if you have already created a business profile. In some cases, it won’t show up on the search engine, Google Maps, or other properties of Google. There could be some sort of issue, or there may be something else that you need to do in order to fix the issue. The following are few potential reasons why your business may not be showing up on Google.

Lack of Verification

If your business is not verified, the business information you put on Google is not going to be able to appear on the search engine until you verify your business. You need to follow a certain set of instructions to do this. You need to create a Google My Business profile first. It will be necessary to enter a verification code and verify fight either mail, phone, email, or search console.

Appearing on Maps But Not in Search Results

In some cases, a business will show up on Google Maps but not in search results. The information should be placed as high as possible in search results, although this will vary. If you have comprehensive, correct, and updated business information, it may change your search results, but you will get the best possible ranking if you have the correct information. This is why it is a good idea to learn more about search results and rankings and exactly how Google uses your business information to place your website.

Recent Additions or Edits

If you have recently edited your business information, the search results may end up being altered. Sometimes, edits can take up to three days to actually appear in search results. This is because search results in Google are based on the different algorithms that take many different factors into account. Typically, if this is the case, you should still be able to find your business when you search for it on Google Maps.

Lack of Compliance with Google’s Guidelines

There are certain guidelines on Google that you need to follow in order to avoid certain problems. In some cases, your information will end up being changed when you don’t want it to be, and in the worst of cases, your business information will be removed from Google entirely. If you have violated any guidelines, you should see a message in your Google My Business account that will let you know that your business has been suspended or disabled. You can edit your information to make sure it follows the guidelines and then contact Google for help in terms of getting your information published again.


If you want to make sure that your business shows up as high as possible in Google search results, you will need to make sure that you are following all the necessary guidelines. No matter what you have to offer as a business, if you do not market it properly, you are not going to succeed the way that you should.